Symptom: Wonky Brain

The brain is an amazing thing. Each time I grasp a new understanding of how it works, i open a wider understanding of how little I know.  As well as how marvelous we all are.

Here is what has changed, which I file under wonky brain, and is different for every human and every Vestibular Schwannoma patient. My life for the past 6 months…

  • Ready for bed at 8 pm
  • Drink ½ martini and feel hungover the next day, as if it was an all nighter at Club 54
  • I found myself taking all the credit for things I had nothing to do with. It is an honest affectation (and might be the coolest of all)
  • Feel hungover every afternoon (non scientifically proven theory that this resulted in weight gain of 20 lbs over 2 years. Hangover = Eat Comforting foods)
  • General slurring when tired
  • Constant exhaustion

This is what has taught me the most through this event, and I am grateful that I learned:

  • Recognize and manage energy levels
  • A 10 minute walk is a reboot for the human soul and physical capability
  • Say no
  • Work / tasks will always be there, I dont have to do it right this instant (and sometimes….never have to do it)
  • Value, honor, love all that I have – instead of wanting more. A mindset of abundance vs deficit

My “i am not a doctor or scientist” theory for Wonky Brain is about the added work my brain needed to do. All of the normal thinking and information pathways were turning into traffic jams. What was a nice clean open road to action 3 years ago, had to jump over, under and around this tumor to get completed. Feel free to tell me in the comments section how nutty my made up theory is….

I now introduce two of my most favorite books ever (excluding Harry Potter of course):




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