Symptom: Facial Tingling

This is the symptom that made me pay attention. I was sitting at a conference, in WA DC, learning about pay equity, the law, and so much more. And then I thought I was drooling. It felt like going back to work after the dentist, and feeling that drool was ( continue reading… )

AN Diagnosis

It took 4 weeks from initial discussion with my general physician to formal diagnosis. IN retrospect, not too long. But at the time it felt like 4 months. Diagnosis Timeline My general physician listened, did tests (including any possible blood test imaginable) while also referring me to the Neurologist – ( continue reading… )

Post Surgery

Post-Surgery It is now 5 weeks post surgery. I have had some great days, followed by tough days. Most importantly, I am no longer awake the majority of the night, so my writing hours are gone. Today’s post will cover the post surgery experience. Again, my blog objectives is to ( continue reading… )

The Surgery

My parents came out to North Carolina from Seattle to stay with me, my brother came from St Croix for the day/night of the surgery. And, of course, my husband slept in the freezing ICU after the surgery. Day of, my family and I met with the Neurosurgeon, Dr Ewend ( continue reading… )